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Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert

Most Complex Sentences

These sentences have the most words, then syllables, then token type ratio (TTR) in comparison to all others.

Stilgar's mind still felt crammed with Zabulon data -- computations from the staff mentats: two hundred and five attack frigates with thirty legions, support battalions, pacification cadres, Qizarate missionaries… the food requirements (he had the figures right here in his mind) and melange… weaponry, uniforms, medals… urns for the ashes of the dead… the number of specialists -- men to produce raw materials of propaganda, clerks, accountants… spies… and spies upon the spies…

He had summoned odd companions for this journey, she thought -- Bijaz, the Tleilaxu dwarf; the ghola, Hayt, who might be Duncan Idaho's revenant; Edric, the Guild Steersman-Ambassador; Gaius Helen Mohiam, the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother he so obviously hated; Lichna, Otheym's strange daughter, who seemed unable to move beyond the watchful eyes of guards; Stilgar, her uncle of the Naibs, and his favorite wife, Harah… and Irulan… Alia…

Aides and attendants stood around the Emperor in a curiously ordered sequence -- attentive household guardsmen along the draped back wall, that abomination, Alia, two steps below Paul and on his left hand; Stilgar, the Imperial lackey, on the step directly below Alia; and on the right, one step up from the floor of the hall, a solitary figure: the fleshly revenant of Duncan Idaho, the ghola.

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